It’s been a month since I presented the talk Going Beyond the Obvious: Using Church Archives to the Genealogical Conference with Jennie.  At the same time I was house-sitting with a large and playful cat.  That was my Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

Then Parish Council debated whether to call a new minister, a training licenciate, Margaret Garland, to Opoho Church.  The Presbyterian Heritage Network met to hear about The Demon Drink.  The next the bottle of wine we were given for our talk to the conference was opened for an evening meal, Goldfields pinot noir I remember.  Very appropriate for a genealogical conference on the goldfields theme.

Il Trovatore turned out to be a fabulous opera.  For the last weekend of the month there was the Midwinter Carnival in the Octagon and a video on the life of Jane Austin.

It was a month of memories.  This month has begun with another very busy weekend.  So we begin a new week.