The man in the moon had two sons.  Until the day that there was a gypsy witch in his castle and his younger son sickened.  He had the witch burned.

Her daughter stole his younger son away from him to avenge her mother’s death.  She hid him among the gypsies.

When the older son was grown up then he fell in love with the girl Leonora, even though she did not return his love.  She preferred the gypsy troubadour and fled away with him.  That was until the prince captured the witch’s daughter who was the troubadour’s mother.

The gypsies fought with the prince’s men until the troubadour was captured too. The troubadour and his mother were put in a dungeon in the castle.  The lady Leonora came looking for him.  She revealed herself to the prince and agreed to love him if he would let the troubadour go.  When the prince agreed then she took poison.  She was taken to the troubadour and died in his presence.

The prince was furious for being tricked and sentenced the troubadour to be executed.  The witch awoke to this and declared to the prince you have killed your brother!

So ends the tale of the Troubadour and the Witch.