It turns out that I had a bug in my stomach called campylobacter.  After my mother visited I was left with three chicken olives.  They were very tasty, apparently I did not cook them well enough.  As a consequence several days later I was squirting diarrhoea.  I don’t recommend this.  Especially as we need all the staff we can at work.  One staff member is away recovering from a dislocated knee, another is in hospital being treated for leukemia and has handed in his resignation to Assembly Office in Wellington.

Another consequence is that I missed out on hearing about the first roller-derby competition in Dunedin.  There have been several entertaining reports about roller derby in New Zealand on the website Public Address.  I would have loved to have got to it.  I hope that next time I will.

This box is beginning to act up.  While I was ill I lost the internet connection.  At least through the PPP, after several days at home I discovered the USB cable and plugged that in and I was on the internet again.  A frustrating delay and the computer is becoming more unreliable.  I run a linux box (kubuntu) and it is several years old.  I got it off a friend who runs linux.  Unfortunately now I live alone I can’t fix problems on my computer or update it.  It  is becoming tempting to go out and buy a laptop with more compatable and up-to-date software.  It would help for accessing newer sites that demand software more advanced than this computer runs.

Today I have been out browsing through second-hand stores.  My mother (bless her) has an international night at her church in Invercargill.  She has been given Russia.  So she asked me if I could find her a samovar in Dunedin.  One antique dealer said he saw one eighteen months ago.  I don’t think I going to find her one in time.