The month started with a visit from my mother to see Die Walküre. It turned into a busy weekend as Opoho Church held a book launch for the autobiography of the late Albie Moore, a hafla at the Kazbah, and a concert for the Southern Consort of Voices. It all came together before my mother left to return to Invercargill.

Then a meeting of the Pastoral Committee and a rally in the Octagon for the Hillside Railway Works. This was followed by a week when I was house-bound with campylobacter from some bad cooking, and my computer started acting up. I haven’t done anything about the computer yet. The connection is still dodgy.

The Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies had an open lecture on Scottish Devolution, and in the last week of the month the University Taekwon-Do club had a quiz night to raise money to go to their national finals. I was on a team with two physicists, a Hungarian and an Israeli, and a computer geek. Fortunately the questions were so orientated to popular geekery that we triumphed home, 45 points out of a total of 80. Five points ahead of our nearest rivals.

Friendlink met at Caversham Baptist Church on Saturday for a Mama Mia Sing-along. I enjoyed myself and joined in the singing of some of my favorite pieces, although I sat out when some of the clients got up and danced. I’m tempted to get a copy of the DVD. It was indulgent fun.

Lecture at the Art Gallery today about Science + Magic, the clash between an instrumental and a participatory world-views. I went and had a look at the Radiant Matter II display afterwards. In the big display the artist worked together with some witches to create a spell. There was a sign on it that read Gateway to Etheric Realms: Do Not Enter. I wondered about this. Was it part of the display? Did the sign refer to the integrity of the artwork? Or did it refer to the danger of trespassing on a magical site?