Stopped by Scribes this evening because I had to pick up a copy of Phantastes by George MacDonald for my mother.  After a quick browse I found a copy of Teach Yourself Malay (1977) that I knew I didn’t have a copy.  Another new treasure trove of language notes for my eclectic language.  I feel another update coming on that will revise that language yet again.

Since I was looking I asked if they had a copy of Charles Brasch’s autobiography Indirections.  I had borrowed it from the library and was beginning to read it.  They did have a copy, and his Collected Poems.  Charles Brasch has returned to Manono House.  He was the grandson of Willi Fels who owned the house.  Maybe my room here was once his.  That’s legacy!

Also attended the lecture on Ireland’s Empire from the Department of Irish and Scottish Studies.  It was about the nineteenth century bishop Paul Cullen and his role in establishing a Hiberno-Roman uniformity to the English-speaking Roman Catholic church.  Initially in Rome then appointed to Ireland not even New Zealand lay outside his reach.  The first bishop of Dunedin was one of his cousins.  It was a surprising introduction to the man.