I did not mention that the snow from last week was gone within a day.  It became too wet for it to settle and fortunately it did not freeze and become black ice about which I was worried.  It would have made getting off city rise and into town difficult.

I needed to buy something on Saturday for Graeme’s birthday which was in June so I visited the Christian bookshop.  I am intrigued that so much of our Christian material culture is based on text.  I didn’t feel that this was appropriate for Graeme.  As a intellectually-handicapped man he is pre-literate.  I was happy to find a fridge magnet painted with flowers and the single word JOY and a bright birthday card and a couple of little Jesus cards which I thought he would like.  I had to explain the little cards to him.  They weren’t immediate recognition, which surprised me a little.  I know he would have liked me to buy him a cross.  He said he was wearing one of two he owns.

Also on the same visit to the Christian shop I was pleased to buy a copy of the CD The Best of Rich Mullins, a selection for which I have been looking for several years.  In hindsight I don’t find his lyrics as exceptional as I originally thought.  I found myself still enjoying the music.  It contained two pieces that I was happy to hear again Awesome God (which was the reason I was looking for this collection) and Calling Out Your Name (which was a forgotten pleasure).