The lingering effect of last week’s cold weather is that I still have a cold.  It started off as an irritation in my nose with sneezing, mucus, a headache and a dull pain.  All that remains now is the mucus and I’m hoping that will go away soon.

Also I attended a meeting of the Dunedin Campaign to Keep MMP.  I was the first to arrive and the guy in the office recognized me by sight.  Nice to know I’m still distinctive!  Other interested people turned up and I was sitting with one of the campaign’s national spokespeople Philip Temple.  Best line of the night was his story about emailing an MP who was advocating SM to point out that SM in the form advocated for  New Zealand would increase the Maori seats from six currently to nine.  Aforementioned MP has since revised his opinion.

Second good story is that the Dunedin seats has done well out of MMP with several MPs on the lists over a range of parties across the right-left spectrum deserving respect as representing the local electrates.  People in the campaign are ready to advocate for the MMP referendum in Dunedin so that is a positive move.