Weekend round-up again.  I caught a concert on Saturday, the Berlin Philharmonic performing Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde.  It’s a piece I had been wanting to see.  Mahler was once described to me with George Bernard Shaw’s quote about Wagner, He has wonderful moments, but long periods.  One of symphonies is still popular as repertoire which fits this description.  So it was nice to hear this piece.  They were songs of youth and age, spring-time and wine-drinking.  I believe that the songs come out of the Chinese humanist tradition.  I haven’t investigated them.  I do know a version of them was done in which they are sung in Chinese.  I haven’t found that version.  I would like to.  I suspect that they are influences in the Book of Songs in the Humanist Bible.  I survived the production although I was nodding off towards the end.

And I finished Indirections by Charles Brasch today.  I sat outon the verandah in the end of winter sun and read the last chapters.  It can go onto my shelves now.  I liked that he finalized it covering the first part of his life and then ends with the hint that his acconplishments lie ahead of him.  As it did with in his editorship of New Zealand’s longest running poetic journal.

So I’ve been to the library to get some things that I would like to finish.

The hits on this site are up again.  There does not appear to be an order to when they come in.  It’s interesting to see what angles people are coming in from, and to know the readers are out there, including the R. S. S. feeders.