Big event for today was the Dunedin Harmony Chorus’s musical show That’s Life.  I know a couple of people involved with this chorus and made sure I attended.  It was held at the Otago Boys’ auditorium.  The conceit of the performance was that the theatre was being closed down.  Two of the Chorus’s members played the cleaning lady (in curlers) and the wardrobe mistress (with measuring tapes) tidying props away as the bridge of the show as the Chorus and guests performed songs and items around them evoking memories of the theatre’s life and highlights.  The audience was well pleased with the show and left still talking especially about the piece If I wasn’t on stage then I would be…, a piece that requires coordination and concentration or else someone is going to get a slap to the face.  The support for this Chorus meant that their fund-raising tickets for a raffle to raise money to go to national competitions sold out and was presented before it reached my row, and people were still willing to donate a gold coin.  Naturally with such support there was no chance that the theatre was going to be allowed to die.  Everyone went home satisfied.