Dedalvs has linked to this page [link broken and removed] to encourage translations of the above sentence from natural and immaginary languages.  It is a simple translation into Brithenig:

Nu sun llo ddyn e nu sun di lla Der.

As I was walking to work this week I realised that I could count one to five in the eclectic language I have been working on: údin; yilí; tig; mapat; lim.  I have written them out and and taken note of their ordinal forms as well.  I can count up to one hand.  The words of the second hand have not presented themselves.  No word for ten although there are words for hundred and thousand.

Anyhow all this is a distraction as the Rugby World Cup approaches and I should be seeing if there is a way that I can organize at least one screening of the matches in the Opoho Church hall.  The church’s own projector is unavailable as it is a permanent feature in the church.  Fortunately I think I can arrange one through the Knox Centre.  However I am procrastinating over organizing the event and the whole thing makes me anxious.