Yesterday the Archivist was organizing some sermons for a visitor who wanted to examine them.  They were typed in shorthand on little bits of paper.  I tried to read one and I found it hurt my eyes.  During her work she read out the title of a sermon And The Brook Ran Dry.  I considered it for a moment and said, Old Testament, Book of Kings.  I was right.  I am disturbingly fluent in some parts of the Bible.  Of course when I recounted this story to others at a meeting of the local members of Presbytery last night I had it confirmed to me that the prophet in question was Elijah and the name of the brook was the Cherith which survived as the name of Trust in England.  I have a fun job.

We were at a meeting last night for a discussion about insurance policies after the Christchurch earthquake.  A consequence is that the cost of earthquake insurance has skyrocketed to shocking levels.  The Book of Order requires that each parish must have adequate insurance.  In the case of an earthquake not all church plants are going to be replaced.  This has led to some parishes arguing whether they want total cover insurance or not.  There appears to be a lot of evidence that insurance companies can be cunning as a pharisee when it comes to paying out on total cover insurance.