With the Regent Theatre closed for renovations for the better part of this year the high holy day of the Zen Bukkhists was postponed until September.  It usually takes place close to the hypernotian shortest day.  This year it took place while Dunedin was hosting one of the opening matches for the Rugby World Cup: Argentina versus England.

I watched the game on t.v.  It proved to be an exciting match.  I decided to cheer for Argentina since they are regionally closer than the English to Dunedin.  Vamos los Pumas! and all that.  The Argentines did well in the first half.  In the second they were beginning to crumble and the English got a conversion that took them into the lead.  The Argentines took some heavy hits and came off the field without dishonour.  (I think I’ve got the sports talk right.)

Back to the sale.  I was there with my mutual friend Southern Dave from Invercargill.  I had taken the day off and we got in earlier, after the booksellers’ rush.  I’m glad we did.  The renovations to the theatre meant that the aisles were no longer being used to display books and everything was either on the stage, or in the area underneath the stage.  It took me a while to find the language books.  I found four books there to take away: a Teach Yourself Russian phrasebook from the Soviet period; Teach Yourself Basic German and two of the Made Simple series: Italian and Spanish.  I will start adding notes to my eclectic language files.  The language books were depleted very quickly and I might not have picked up anything that would interest me if I came in later in the day.

In the nearly new area below the stage I picked up a copy of Wise’s New Zealand Index (1945) and a copy of Shona Dunlop MacTavish’s autobiography which I can give to my mother when she visits.  She feels an affinity to the dancer as her mother was a servant to the Dunlop family when they were the minister’s family resident at my mother’s church in Invercargill.

Hopefully Southern Dave has set up the R. S. S. feed so he is reading this now.  He’ll let me know.  I’ll remember his visit.  Apart from the two volumes of New Zealand as it might have been that he left for me to read, his watch is sitting on my book shelves!