I reported back to Parish Council.  Fortunately the parish I represent is one that can meet its insurance bill.  It’s gone up from £50 to £200.  This increase is manageable.  Other churches with older complexes have been hit with more severe increases.  The rule of thumb is if the complex, or part of the complex, was built before 1935 then it will not meet the requirements for earthquake insurance and the increase in premiums will be significant.  Some churches are looking at partial cover.  They will not rebuild as heritage sites after an earthquake like what hit Christchurch.  Some churches are looking at alternative suppliers than the insurance provider the national office recommends.  Opoho church is in the situation that it can meet its cover.

We also started making arrangements for a community event in the church hall for the rugby world cup final.  I have stopped feeling anxious about this.  It is all coming together.