How come Facebook has gone so craptastic overnight?  Possibly McLeod Cartoons has got it right

I was at the Dunedin Farmers Market this morning handing out leaflets for Keep-MMP campaign.  I saw several people going in I recognised.  There was a lot of support for the campaign from attendees to the market.  One friend was grateful to receive a leaflet that explained why we want to keep MMP over the alternatives.

I considered getting out in the afternoon.  Winston Peters from the New Zealand First Party was talking at the Library, and Moving Planet was on this afternoon at the Botanic Gardens.  I chickened out on the first and decided the latter was too far to go as the weather turned cold.  Instead I went into town to see if there was any good entertainment as Dunedin hosts the rugby match England versus Romania.  I watched the band Soul Deep in the Octagon.

Capsicums are down to 2d each at the supermarket.  Sure sign that spring is here.