I was reminded this week that September includes the feast day of Saint Hildegard of Bingen.  St. Hildegard is popular among creators of imaginary languages as she kept lists of words she invented and included into her writings and hymns.  She is an early example of language invention.  I wonder if this was an encounter between church Latin and Mediaeval German?  I’ve never investigated it in depth.

I have a copy of her work on the religious visions she had in her life.  It’s called Scivias and it is published in the Classics of Western Spirituality series.  It’s very densely written and I have to read it slowly.  I took it off the shelf this week to be my lunch-time reading.  I worked through Visions Four to Six from Book Two, her visions on the church.

St. Hildegard is adopted as the poster-child of hippy new-age Christians.  I’m surprised by that.  From what I’ve read of her the spirituality in her visions is quite orthodox for the age she lived in.  I think her modern redactors have been incredibly selective in the quotes they take from her to make her a exemplary Eco-Christian.

Now I’ll wait and see what new choices arise in my reading for the new week.