Last week M. P. Trevor Mallard posted on the Labour Party Blog Red Alert that Bryce Edwards’ blog Liberation is being sponsored by David Farrar and Matthew Hooton, among others.  Bryce Edwards is a political scientist at the University of Otago whose politics is on the left.  He is critical of the Labour Party.  I assume he finds it too centrist for his tastes.  Farrar and Hooton are decidedly on the right-wing of New Zealand politics, a combination of public relations and political activism.

The posting took a lot of flak.  Farrar and Hooton argued that it was good for their PR work and encouraged the diversity of the political spectrum.  (I write this without checking the exact wording of their comments.)  The posting came under criticism from the readers.  It was a case of political foot-in-mouth for the bloggers on Red Alert.  The mensheviks of the left, now out of power, are turning on each other.

All things considered I took a look at the blog Liberation.  It struck me as ugly, and poorly structured.  It embeds links to articles on the web into paragraphs.  The complete entries cannot be read on the web page, instead there is a link at the bottom of each entry to the rest of the entry’s write-up.  I tried putting it on my aggregator.  It downloaded a list of the pages titles, all incomplete, requiring me to click back to the blogsite for the complete entry, and the links embedded in each entry appeared as text.  I did not check if they were links.  Instead I deleted the feed.

So Edwards is happy to accept sponsorship from anyone across the political spectrum.  The phrase ‘sin money’ comes to mind.  General William Booth of the Salvation Army used it so well.  The resulting blog-site appears to me to be noisy but not well presented.  It could count as money down the drain for right-wingers.

That seems their money well-spent to me.

(Links intentionally left out of this entry.)