The last of the Berlin Philharmonic concerts at the Rialto was their Concert for Japan.  The first piece was a Japanese percussive piece called Flows from me what you call time.  At one point one of the musicians was playing a hand drum.  My hands were trying to twitch in time with his playing.  I get to play with The Unfortunate Repercussions every couple of months at the end of the Khamzin Tribe hafla.  I’m looking forward to the All Hallows Hafla at the end of this month.

Their second piece was Dmitri Shostakovitch’s Fifth Symphony, a piece to which I was quite happy to be introduced.  That ends the series of four concerts from the Berlin Philharmonic.  The first opera of the new Metropolitan Opera season, Anna Bolena, does not begin until November, a birthday present to myself.  In the meantime there are two movies that tempt me: The Orator (O Le Tulafale) and Habeamus Papam.  Might have to juggle my calendar to see if I can get to the second one.