I like adding new things to my face-book interests so having been told that the Blue Oyster Art Project Space had a presence there I went and checked out the page. Pages actually, there are two of them. I was bemused to discover that the most recent news on one page was a review I had done after my visit for a talk that they had on there. Good grief! Am I the only person in the blogosphere who is reviewing Dunedin as a space of art and culture and public events? It would be humbling if it was true. I have no qualifications to be a critic, or say if music, dance or displayed art is good. Where are the real people who should be doing this?

I plan to continue blogging about events that I attend and that I find fun. People who stumble over my blogsite are going to be surprised by the eclectic mix of things that I have discovered. Perhaps I’m not as broad-minded as I make out to be.

And shout out when your event is on. I’ll be glad to come and see. Look out for the little guy in the big green felt fedora. That’s me. I think I’m slowly turning into an old identity in this city. And if you think my opinion is wrong then tell me, or if it is right. It’s the only way I’ll learn better.

Maybe I should go talk to the people at Hidden Dunedin. It could yet prove that I am a force for good.