While I haven’t been to see On Stranger Tides yet it is Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan who are the characters that interest me, whatever one may say about the actors.  In some ways At World’s End ends on a depressing note.  Turner has become the Captain of the Flying Dutchman, the immortal psychopomp of all who die upon the seas, and Swan is left to grow old and die.  Watching it again last night I was more optimistic about the ending.  She has become the Guardian of the Captain’s Heart, and after her, her son.  Swan and Turner will meet every ten years to renew their relationship and their love for each other.

Cutler Beckett gave up too easily in my opinion.  He had the flagship of the fleet.  Had he given the orders he could have manoeuvered out of danger and used his own fleet against the Brethren.  Instead he lost a valuable ship and presumably the lives of all the soldiers and sailors on board.  My guess there is someone in the Admiralty who would be keeping a ledger of these things, a player who has not yet shown his hand.  The East India Company have taken a serious blow but are potentially not out of play.  They will want their revenge.

Presumably Elizabeth Swan, now the Pirate Queen, will leave Shipwreck Cove taking the Dead Man’s Chest and her son with her.  If she was to return to England, or possibly New York, then other agencies would come into play and a curious series of events would ensue.  If she was in America then the American war with the Berbery Pirates could come into play.  There’s an interesting idea for a story seed.