• The Opoho Youth were going to run a camp and I was happy to go along.  There weren’t the numbers and a church picnic was held at the Waihola Christian Camp Homestead.  There was a barbeque lunch, cricket on the lawn, and an interested sow in the field next door.
  • Ascent met for its annual meeting.  It was decided to wind down the group as a formal society.  The members will continue to meet.  I can see at least three meetings next year: for an Easter party; an end-of-year Christmas function; and the release of a publication on gay spirituality.
  • The Presbyterian Research Network met for a talk on The Challenge of Changing the Justice Landscape
  • I escorted the Council of Assembly through the Archives Research Centre: a reminder that if I do something like that again I need to have better prepared notes.
  • Watched the Metropolitan Opera Anna Bolena.
  • I printed off leaflets to drop around Opoho for our Candidates Meeting next Sunday evening, 7pm at Opoho Church.  It’s going to be fun.
  • To celebrate 46 years on this planet I bought an ice cream cake.

That list makes me look busy.