I was not at church on Sunday morning. I decided that it was the best time to fit in an opera, Don Giovanni, into my weekend. I would have gone on Saturday afternoon. Instead that time clashed with a barbecue I was attending at Bethune’s Gully. Wonderful spot for a barbecue; we had fine weather, sausages and ham in a clearing.

I picked up an order of service when I visited Opoho church in the evening. When I got home then I wrote up my devotional calendar for the next week: readings from the Prophets and the Gospel. This proved to be the Books of Daniel and Luke. I was surprised to find that the next Sunday was the first in Advent. The church year was finishing before I noticed it. We are leaving the long time of Pentecost with its serious readings into the anticipatory period of Advent. Make way for the season of lights!

I was at church in the evening for our successful candidates’ meeting. It wasn’t for me. I have made an early vote. It was an entertaining evening. I was time-keeper, armed with the triangle from our music basket. The candidates had tea-cups for refreshment. Our chairman for the evening was equipped with a water cannon as at the famous candidates’ meeting at Aro Valley. There was also a mysterious black pouch on the candidates’ table. The National Party Candidate picked it up and asked “John, what do I say next?” into it. “Which John?” a voice asked from the audience. I think that there would have been about 140 people present. Opoho people like their politics. I can be partially seen in one of the Otago Daily Times’ photos, wearing a frightening pink checked shirt.

A post on Istanbul Streets Blog means I have discovered the Yashim mysteries from the public library. I’m on to the third book in the series now.