I think I’m packed for my visit to Invercargill, down by bus and return by motorbike. A celebration for the Smith family and a chance to see the races at the Burt Munro Rally.

I haven’t packed a book for the trip. I wonder what I should choose.

Interesting thought for yesterday. The emerging school of thought on the left appears to be political theology: post-theist, secular and materialist, while remaining in the theological discipline. Apparently the book I have to read is Radical Political Theology by Clayton Crockett. A search on the catalogues led me to find that there is one copy at the Canterbury Library. (There’s a good reason for that!) I shall have to get the Hewitson Library to interloan it or consider prodding the University Bookshop to buy my own copy.

If this is the new school of thought on the left then it provides a challenge to New Zealanders if we adopt it. New Zealanders are antipathetic of anything with the stink of religion and are anti-intellectual and pragmatic when it comes to politics. This leave us vulnerable to neo-liberal leadership. It looks like we are resigned to another three years of the John Key party in power.