Back from Invercargill: missed the beach-racing because the gale canceled it. Instead I got to stand in a field with a relative while we watched the partial eclipse as the clouds momentarily parted over Invercargill. That was cool!

The Phantom bought me my first motorbike jacket to go with the helmet he gave me last year. Then I went and left my rain-coat in the back of the Art-Works car. My mother will bring it up when she visits again. Before I go to Wellington next I will have to buy some new water-proof leggings for myself as mine have died specularly. A visit to the bike shop is in order before then.

It took me a day to walk the ride back to Dunedin out of my legs. That provided some good exercise.

Two open lectures this week. I could be positive about them, but both left me thinking that these people came halfway around the world not to say much of significance.

I am working my way through the list votes to revise the extra seats in the Parliament of Oligarchs. That will take a while longer.