It’s that time of year again. Every year creators of imaginary languages exchange cards to celebrate their imaginary end-of-year celebrations. I plan to do some rose window cards again this year. Even though colouring them in was a marathon effort last year. I have twelve to do.

I received an email today to say one person has already sent theirs out. Goodness! I haven’t even bought some good paper to print out the patterns yet!

I was not helped by my email connection not working for most of the weekend. The address list came in the end. Exactly after I had emailed the Card Exchange Facilitator to send a second copy to my work eddress. These things are sent to test us (and when I find out who is sending these tests….!)

This weekend marked a visit from my mother. We went to see Siegfriend at the Rialto which we enjoyed. On Sunday we walked down to the First Church of Otago for their quarterly communion. We sat on Sunday afternoon and read. I did not get to the Santa Parade although I could hear it from an open window. It was a scorcher of a day to herald in the summer. Christ’s little sister, the one who nobody ever mentions (La Niña), might have promised us a hot dry summer!