I have just finished reading Larklight by Philip Reeve. I enjoy reading his books. They are marketed for children and young adults. That’s where I find them in the library. The story-telling in the Mortal Engines series is dark enough that they are like peddling caffeine on children. 75% dark chocolate, just the way I like it! As I know from his blogs that he googles his reviews it’s worth writing something.

Larklight is the first in a new series, giving the series its title. It’s the nineteenth century and a discovery by Isaac Newton has given the British the advantage into space travel. The universe is different. Ships can travel between planets on the inter-solar aether. All the terrestrial planets and moons contain life, much of it also space-faring. The British Empire believes that it rules the aether. It does not realise that it has unknown enemies.

The story is much lighter than what I have read from his earlier stuff. It hearkens back to an earlier age of literature as two daring and plucky children lose their parents and are forced to flee their sub-orbital house as angular arachnoids from the edge of space invade. They fall into the hands of space pirates and events follow from there as they travel through a series of rollicking adventures from world to world, discovering the background of their family’s role in the universe. It’s not quite Old Men Send Out Children To Be Their Soldiers. It’s spiffing and the narrative voice is juvenile and boy’s own which makes it fun reading. Historical figures who make cameo appearances include Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the Duke of Wellington in London; and Sir Richard Burton, on Mars.

I look forward to reading more of this series, and now that I’ve finally got around to reading the last chapter of A Web of Air I can look out for Scrivener’s Moon. As well as that I can keep an eye out for his Reeve’s third series Clovenstone which as far as I can tell, appears to be about goblins.

Also been confounded to find out that the cream sheets I bought from the stationarystationery warehouse are card and won’t go through my printer. This means another visit to buy some nice paper to print the rose window patterns for the Card Exchange tomorrow.