I have started on the Exchange Cards for this year. The Phantom gave me some samples of rose windows for me to use and I have chosen one to colour in and send out. I have done one tonight so another eleven to go.

The two year vacancy of the ministry at Opoho Church came to an end this week when our new minister was ordained and inducted into the parish. It was a joyful occasion. Her first service will be this Sunday.

Because the two services to which I have been in the past week have used the statement of faith, Te Kupu Whakapono I have taken the opportunity to recite it during the week. I find it a pleasing document. It reads and flows well as a spoken document.

The Cardinals of the Labour Party are gathering to elect a new pope. The meeting with party members in Dunedin was tonight. (I am not a party member and did not attend.) At this stage despite all the talk, the reports and commentary there is nothing for us ground-pounders to do but wait until we hear who Beloved Leader is going to be for the next three years. Observers and fifth columnists don’t get a vote in the decision. I hope that the choice they make can be managed.