The Conlang Exchange Cards are in the post. This is a relief as I have received three more this week: Greetings from Douglas Koller, and Jim Henry III, and the seven days of festivity under the twin moons of Safiria.

I’m checking over what I’ve done for the last week, apart from make cards.

  • An artist talk at the Blue Oyster for the display Walk
  • The Dunedin Harmony Chorus performed at the Art Gallery for Christmas. Their conductor, my friend L’Enfant de Jeu was looking so swish!
  • My local Labour Party urban tribe got excited about our new leadership
  • One of the cleaners took two of us for a tour around the Castle
  • The local archives got together for a little end-of-year event
  • Presbyterian Archives staff and volunteers went out for lunch
  • The Hewitson Library held an Advent Party, the highlight of which was a recital of Dido’s Lament by Purcell accompanied on the harpsicord (um, ok!)
  • I found out today that a children’s book on Genesis from 1910 is valuable for its rarity and coloured plates by Charles Robinson. It would be more valuable if the cover could be restored. The historic bookbinder in Oamaru was recommended. So anyone going that way, could they let me know? (And no, I don’t want to sell it!)