Another card arrived today from Leland Paul. The card is a stencil of an imaginary glyph. I haven’t been about to find out more as the card directs me to While I can find the website, the page I’m being directed to eludes me. Never mind, it will join the others.

I’m away tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with the Araturxes Clan. Any further updates on Conlang Exchange Cards will wait until after I get back. Which should be about the fifth Day of Christmas.

Yew Tree Woman visited me this evening to drop off a book. It’s one I’ve been waiting for, Radical Political Theology by Clayton Crockett. It looks like solemn reading with references to such monsters as Spinoza, Hobbes and Derrida. A glad at the introduction intends it for a readership in the American religiously-immersed culture. I shall have to read further to discover whether it has space in New Zealand’s spirituality of suspicion (of religion).

If I finish it before it’s due back to Canterbury University Library I might have to wave it in Jason’s direction. It’s part of a series with Slavoj Žižek as an editor.

This will help as I look for diversions over an extended summer break.