Waiting to leave for the bus depot, I’ve had enough time to finish Scrivener’s Moon before I go. It’s final lesson: The bigger they are the harder they hit back. All the pieces are now in place are now in place at the dawn of the Second Age of London: the Rise and Fall of the Traction Cities. This was covered in the original quartet of books in the Mortal Engines series.

I understand that Reeve plans a book on the adventures of Arlo Thursday alone before returning to the closure of the story of Fever Crumb.

There is also a rumour on Facebook that Weta and Sir Peter Jackson are looking at a Mortal Engines movie. Whatever else I think of Weta making these movies one good thing would come out of it: Andy Serkis as Master Shrike! Trust me, it would work.

I look forward to more books from this series in the new year.