Back from House sitting with three cats. Friends of mine took themselves to Australia for a week’s holiday and I looked after their house and their cats for the week.

The long-hair was affectionate. She tended to be wild and a bit flighty, especially around the other cats. I’m rather fond of her.

The ginger, a boy, was the most assertive. He was come looking for me before dawn, expecting me to get his breakfast. He’s a bully who tries to assert himself over the other two. If there’s food around he will push himself to the fore. The least favorite of the three.

The third was a little gray tiger. She could be affectionate too. If she got the least food of the three, it did not upset her.

Not much happened over the week, which was a holiday week coming after the new year break. There was a surprise at church when the celebrant, a retired minister of the congregation, had a spell after giving the sermon and fainted. It was clear moments beforehand that he was unwell as he was having to support himeself. An ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital which marked the end of the service. Ironically he has been a senior chaplain for the St. John’s Ambulance in his retirement and it was one of their ambulances that took him away to hospital.

Factoid of the day: there are 134 steps down the length of Haddon Place between Cargill Street and York Place. This does not include the steps at the top of the place on the other side.

While I was away I finished Lord Sunday by Garth Nix, a closure to a seven part series. It was a satisfactory ending which could have consequences for a later series if he picks up the characters again. I felt the story he was working on in the series has been done more substantially by other writers. I would like to read his earlier trilogy which I haven’t seen in the library in the right order of titles yet.

Also finished Bloodlines by T. Roxborogh; and Shadowrise by Tad Williams. Williams admits that this was supposed to be the final title of this trilogy but it has been split into the last two books of the quartet. The man can’t write a fantasy trilogy without causing further continental drift!