When I was listening to some CDs on Sunday two pieces of music stood out. (Actually one of them wasn’t music.)

  • Tennessee Stud sung by Johnny Cash. It’s yeehaa music. I was on my feet at the time and by the end of its cheerful lyrics I was moving in time to the music. That makes it a candidate for my top ten.
  • Fantasia on British Sea Songs arranged by Henry Wood. I was listening to the Last Night of the Proms conducted by Malcolm Sargent. I didn’t listen to the Fantasia itself as I was shuffling between several CDs. I did hear Malcolm Sargent’s introduction to the audience: The orchestra will play the Fantasia twice and the second time around the audience can accompany the orchestra. The Last Night of the Proms is a ritual of misrule. Because I like the introduction on this CD the Fantasia belongs as a candidate.