I have been given a new computer by a friend.  A windows box.  It is different to what I used before.  I haven’t worked out how to set up my email account on this computer.  I might have to talk to people at my ISP and see if they can help me.

It also means I have to re-think how I aggregate feeds.  It uses a different system.  I will have to rebuild that.

This is more up to date than my old computer.

Listening to music this week I have found three more artists that should go on my top ten at the Dayglo Disco:

  • Cocaine by The Cruel Sea
  • Sheryl Crow, definitely, but which one?  Her album has so many to choose.  May Be Angels may be my choice
  • Third World Child by Johnny Clegg and Savuka

I’ve been at the Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies Summer School course on Scottish Literature since Burns.  That’s going to give me a new series to report as I write them up.