I changed Sheryl Crow CDs to The Globe Sessions.  The track Mississippi has taken the lead as a front runner for selection from this artist on my top ten at the Dayglo Disco.

Also my comics stash has arrived from Wellington, including the opening issues of Buffy Season Nine.  Season Eight took 40 issues so this should be another long run.  With the defeat of Season Eight’s big bad Ms Summers has gone from generaling an army of slayers to being a waitress in San Francisco.  She is back to being perky again and I think the desperation’s showing.  The game has changed and by the end of last season’s arc the Scoobies got knocked about.  Still the slayer must stand between this generation and the monsters, and some of the monsters aren’t human.  There are new characters to watch out for as the first storyline of the season opens up.  This could be fun.

Both the Buffy and Angel characters are under the Dark Horse Comics franchise, so they are together again for the first time in years.  At the same time in the Buffyverse they are not back together again.  Drama is the art of throwing stones at your characters while they should be happy up a tree.