“I wish to make a complaint!”

It’s the long weekend where everyone gathers  at Waitangi ostensibly to celebrate the founding of  our modern state but more often to lay a complaint against the government.  The fact that the Australian prime minister was tackled on Australia Day might suggest that Aborigine protestors have discovered that National Complaints Day can be fun for everyone, especially for those standing on the side lines.  New Zealanders have had all the fun to themselves for a generation.  It’s time we shared it with others.

A public holiday means that National Radio will be playing Matinee Idle this afternoon for my listening pleasure.

Two more songs insisted on being selected for my top ten at the Dayglo Disco as I was listening to music this morning:

  • Don’t Believe in Love by Dido, and
  • Semi Detached performed by Margaret Urlich and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Two favorites.  I will soon have ten and will be at the point of listing them, and potential competitors.