There was dismay at work today as one of the Archivist’s very dear friends had been missing for over 30 hours this morning.  Mae Cairns had been on the Knox College campus for more than ten years until 1999 in the Hewitson Library.  Her husband, the Very Rev. Ian Cairns had developed a muscle-disease, and they moved to Wellington to be close to their grandchild before Ian’s death.  I have just recently described and updated his collection of papers at the Presbyterian Archives.

Apparently before she went missing she had been unwell.  Somehow during the day she slipped away without food, adequate clothing or identification.  According to the Dominion-Post 40 searchers are now looking for her without success at this time.  She is a small elderly woman in her seventies.

In their earlier days Mae and Ian Cairns had been missionaries for the Presbyterian Church to Indonesia.  At her farewell from Knox College she said it was the practice of the Indonesians at New Year to say Thank You and Sorry.  Thank you for all the good we have shared together in the last year; sorry for all the wrong that has come between us.