Some things I’m listening to are for consideration as candidates for my top ten at the Dayglo Disco.

  • Giving it all awayby Hothouse Flowers
  • Christmas Chants by Gregorian.  I can’t decide.  I sing along to A spaceman came calling, but Footsteps in the snow is also a nice catchy piece.
  • Holy Smoke by Gin Wigmore.  Mr Freakshow was the first to catch my ear as I shuffle between discs.  Don’t Stop andToo Late for Lovers are also contenders.
  • Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.  This is music that pads up behind you and mugs you for your wallet.  As they would say on WTWP Classical Radio “Music so soft you don’t know you’re listening to it”.  It quietly demands the listener’s attention.