I ran out of flavoured milk.  I use it for making hot chocolate.  My recipe is spoon chocolate into a cup until the bottom is thickly covered, about three teaspoonfuls.  Add a little instant coffee.  Blend together into a syrup with flavoured milk to make it interesting.  Fill the cup with hot water.  Stir as the water is added to make a thick, even and strongly flavoured consistency.  It’s my favorite drink.  In the evening I make Milo instead.  About the same consistency of thickness.

When I ran out of flavoured milk I changed to tea instead.  Loose leaf, made with a spoon-like tea infuser with a hinged-lid.  That allows for a fresh tea  without the awful taste of tea-bags.  The taste of tea bags I consider to be a modern sin.  Unfortunately I find tea passes through me very quickly.  I’m getting old.  Also I went through the normal milk very quickly.  It meant I had an excuse to go to the shops to buy more milk, both white milk and flavoured.  Flavours with which I have experimented include Chocolate, Jaffa, Cookies and Cream, Lime, and Banana.

I’ve been to see the Metropolitan Opera’s The Enchanted Islandwhen my mother visited.  I confess I was disappointed with it.  I was expecting the same creative team would bring back the puppeteers that they used on Satyagraha.  That opera was magical for me and I loved it.  I was disappointed that not much of their work was included.  I think that they were in one scene where Caliban summoned spirits for his kingdom.

I was also unhappy with the make-up for Caliban.  Face painted like an Amazonian native, dreadlocks, and body suit like an orc.  The history of Caliban is complicated by changing attitudes to the treatment of the Native as Other.  I felt that this costume was confused and the libretto missed an opportunity to make a new statement about this character.  Despite that the character was more sympathetically treated than Shakespeare’s original play.

Lots of good things about this opera.  There is good opportunity to play with magic and steampunk in this story.  I loved the entry of Neptune to the fanfare from Zadok the Priest.  The computer generated scenery came out of the Metropolitan Opera’s work with Wagner’s Götterdämmerung over the last two seasons.  I am disappointed that it is not going on my highlights of the 2011-2012 season.

I’m listening to Love and Fear by Tom Russell again.  Stealing Electricity definitely belongs on my Top Ten at the Dayglo Disco.  I have loved that song ever since I heard William Dart using it as a trailer for his Pressing On show on Radio New Zealand Concert.  Not current on Concert’s website, but I see that he is still doing New Horizons.