I watched the first episode of Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova.  Sorry, not convinced.  In a world slowly dying under its own decay a couple decide to have a third child even though it is illegal.  Why?  Because it seemed like a good idea.  We are supposed to believe these are the good guys?  Because they’re prolifers?  Dissidents without a clue in a society where compliance is a necessity for survival.

So they escape into the past through the Stargate.  The special effects were rather cool.  Has anyone told Julian May that somebody has cribbed her Pleistocene Saga, without the elves?  The good guy’s a cop.  I don’t know if I have confidence in a cop who puts his family ahead of his society’s laws.  What else is he going to break?  The guy’s a maverick.  The frontier doesn’t have to be so forgiving if pioneers don’t pull together.  That can get a person killed.

Not to mention the leadership’s keeping secrets.  Already one group of dissidents have split off from the main group and are acting as Reivers.  Part of their secret is revealed at the end of the episode.  It’s all about power.  Both groups are trying to be the ones who control history.  Cue Orwellian undertones.

At the same time I was inspired by a review of the movie to start reading John Marsden’s Tomorrow series, starting with the first book, Tomorrow, When the War Began.  It starts off well.  First a couple of chapters introducing the core characters, a group of young rural Australians who decide to hike off into the bush and avoid Show Day this year for a break.  Then a chapter where they bond and enjoy being together out in the back of beyond.  Ever had that daydream that while on camp you return and discover that civilization’s ended and you’re the last ones left?  Well, that’s what happens when they return home and discover everyone’s been rounded up because the Invasion’s begun.  And the story flows on from that.  So far it’s been competently written and the characters are identifiable.  Let’s see how dark it’s going to get.