I’m sorry to hear about the sinking of the Easy Rider in Foveaux Strait last week.  One of the pupils of my early years at school was a member of the Karetai family.  I think Michael King’s History of New Zealand lists them among the families  of the South Island’s Ngai Tahu iwi, although I can’t find the reference. 

 As a family they have become scattered around New Zealand, Australia and the world.  The news reports that they still return from where they are for the muttonbirding season.  I no longer have the taste for that rich fatty flesh that I had when I was younger.

These are people I could have grown up with and have encountered in Invercargill in my youth.  Perhaps time will make me more aware of such people.  To lose four members of a family to a boating accident, along with the rest of the boat’s passengers, is a tragedy for any family.  This news moves and saddens me.  We are lesser for it.