I was rather fond of this series.  The last episode played this week.  I understand the network in America that sponsored it has gone from producing Science Fiction (for a given value of Sci. Fi.) to mostly wrestling shows (for a given value of fantasy).  This means we won’t see more of this.  A shame.  I liked the series.  I liked the fact that it’s heroes were fallible, and were never meant to be leaders.  It steered dangerously close to interesting character development.  It tried to avoid being another planet of the week show.

Anyway as it was the last episode I took notes:

One supporting character has been blinded, another is reported to have a motor control disease; not good.

The ship is under attack by robot drones.  When their weapons won’t work on the ship’s shields the drones throw themselves at it in a kamikaze attack the shields can’t prevent. 

The visit to another world to find supplies for the ship has become so routine it happens off-screen.  The reason why they couldn’t find enough supplies is not explained.  The world is barren? Plant and animal life edible by humans hasn’t evolved?  Resources are too far away from the landing site?

As they can’t find worlds safe from attacks from robot attack drones they move to the final alternative.  Leave this galaxy millions of light years away from earth and head to one further away.  It’s not a popular plan, involving being in cryogenics for three years; loosing out on information stops that might discover more about the ship’s agenda (to discover the message from the origins of the universe); risking never arriving, frozen in permanent cryogenics.

There are final farewells.

Are you happy?

In spite of everything, yeah, I am.


The blind woman comes up with a plan to sacrifice a shuttle to destroy a command ship.  She is rewarded with a touch to the shoulder, physical human contact.  It turns out Rush is better at playing spacies than Eli.  Who knew?

The last farewells continue.

Go back light years, across a universe, and I miss her by a couple of thousand miles.

There are handshakes as colleagues and rivals depart as friends.  Rush is the ‘slightly crazy uncle who comes through in the end’.  To family!  L’chaim!  A promise is made to bring them all home.

Down to three people now.  Colonel Young, Doctor Rush and Eli Wallace.  Unfortunately of the three remaining available cryogenic chambers only two are working.  The constrained conditions of deep interstellar space aboard the Destiny mean the one who remains outside of cryogenics will not survive unless he manages to repair the chamber in the time remaining.  All three want to make the noble sacrifice.

You’ve come a long way from that video game slacker I met a year ago.

Thanks, you’re been pretty consistent.

In the end it is Eli who is standing on the observation deck, allowed one last smile as the Destiny disappears into the void that is the closing credits.  It’s like the franchise decided to quietly shuffle off knowing its fate is to be cancelled rather than give us something flash to end on.  It’s done its duty, now clear the stage.  It had great sets too, the lighting was dark and the ornamentation was all in brass, reflecting the idea it was technology so ancient it was victorian.

I wonder when the collected set of both seasons will become available here.  It would be tempting to get.  Just to show some support for being this series back.