I got to the Regent Theatre’s Everything But Books Sale.  It was worth it.  I spent $12 and came away with some good stuff, to a subjective value of good.

  • Now why did I come away with two copies of Anam by Clannad?  I remember picking them both up.   I am getting absent-minded if I kept both in my collection!  One will be given away, or sent to a sale when I work out which one I want to keep.
  • Enya.  Had the good sense to pick only one copy of this.  Pleasant listening stuff that I’m wanting to collect.
  • Singing Love, piano tunes by hymn writer Colin Gibson for music accompaniment.  Useful!
  • Chinasong by the Shanghai Quartet, seemed like a curiosity I shouldn’t pass up at that price.
  • Baroque Favorites, no, it is a selection of Russian classical music I should have been looking for.  I haven’t listened to this and I suspect it duplicates what I’ve already got.  Harmless unless I play Pachelbel within the earshot of Blondie from WTWP Classical Radio.
  • The Best until Last, The Heartache EP by the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra.  How could I refuse that?!  International Ukulele Orchestras are cool!  Their version of It’s a Heartache proved to be a tonic to turn my mood around, and I loved the fact that their sleeve notes were written by a seven year old!