The follow-up meeting to Transforming Dunedin was held at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery last night.  I made sure to attend.  I made sure Research Write NZ was going to attend.  She was.  I spotted a couple of familiar faces of people I knew and people I spoke to at the first meeting.  I won’t name them, because I remember faces better than names.

Major Themes

  1. The Dunedin City Council adopt an Art and Design model like Waitakere City for all city development.
  2. Incubation and Youth.
  3. Partnership with Maori arts — collaboration working towards an arts hui
  4. Create art space and infrastructure — the re-use of temporary and pop-up space.
  5. Co-ordinated communication and visibility creating a presence and a hub for arts
  6. Advocacy to the Dunedin City Council and the community; sustainable voice in the city that will still be here in five years time.

My notes talking with Ms. ResearchWriteNZ.  We were a greek chorus.

Art people in Dunedin need to be valued like wildlife, and by wildlife I don’t mean valued like  the Hyde Street Keg Party.

Dunedin’s closure of George Street for the Rugby World Club proved that our main street can work as a piazza.

Literature came out from underneath the radar.  It already has a literary festival, and a goal to make Dunedin recognised as a literary city.

The mayor had said that working with the arts community was like herding cats, now it is time to turn the litter trays and start herding the City Council Cats.

And make a submission to the Dunedin City Council.