This is the meditation I wrote and presented for the North East Valley Procession of the Cross:

 We live in uncertain times.

You are lucky to be in a regular job in this economy.

The land is cursed.

First you own a section of land.

If you don’t make enough you are driven off, then you rent land.

When you can’t pay for that then you are paid to work on someone else’s land.

You work through the heat of the day, every day, for the hope of minimum wages, enough to survive on.

This is our land.

Once it all belonged to us.

Me and my mates have been on the road for over a year.

They are lucky that I can keep track of our accounts.

We have nowhere to sleep at nights.

Only the shirt on our back and no coat for the road.

It’s all right for those who can dress up as fine as flowers but grass gets thrown into the fire.

The government taxes us as we go through the partitions it creates.

It builds the walls and raises monuments to the glory of empire.

The banks are no longer a guarantee that your investment is safe.

You might as well bury your money in a hole in the ground.

We occupied the temple.

We drove out the money-changers.

We waited for a sign from heaven.

No sign came.

God has forgotten us.

Give us bread.

We need to live.

Give us our daily wages.

One man has brought us to this.

Who can I speak to?

Caiaphas, you say isn’t it expedient if one man dies for all the people?

How much will you give me if I hand him over to you?