I should note that the Podcast blog Conlangery has done a review on Brithenig.  The first part of the podcast is about inventing negative clauses in imaginary languages.  In the second part they review the webpages on Brithenig, my language.  They recorded it in March at 6pm Atlantic Coast Time.  As this is in the early hours of the morning for me in my timezone I declined to be interviewed.  I some ways listening to them looking through my pages I am a little glad I was not interviewed.  I would have felt a little defensive.  I am probably being thin-skinned (which I am!)  The language is a ‘a postiori’ created out of existing material rather than ‘a priori’, created from imagination.  In this case it is created from Romance language grammar and lexicon created to touch and feel like Welsh.  It pioneered a cluster of similar languages, and its own secondary world.  The language deserves a revision.  The webpages available on Brithenig have become dated in content and appearance.  I think dedicating some time to work on this is some time away yet.  Never mind.