This book by Žižek and Milbank has been my evening reading for the last month.  I think it is more likely the change in season that has left me more exhausted in the mornings.  I can’t rule it out.  I made some notes.

When the arch-rebel is unmasked he/she will be revealed to have the same face as the tyrant who makes our laws.

You have heard it said…, but I tell you…  Jesus doesn’t overthrow the rulebook, he rewrites the plot to become a contra-book.

Žižek cites The Prestige where a man is willing to step into a teleportation machine to maintain the magic even though the device will kill him, unmaking and killing him to remake him at rematerialisation.  I wonder what he would make of the same act in Kraken by China Mièville where the protagonist does the same act and is conscious for the rest of the story that he is not the same person.

‘Joe Hill ain’t dead’, he is the concept that cannot die.  Recent events with Ports of Auckland and Talleys show that he’s currently active in New Zealand.  Like a Hammer Horror vampire he rises again and again to rally us to struggle.