This annual event took place on Friday.  I browsed for a couple of hours after work until I went home for tea.  The range of books was about the same as last year.  They gave more space for displaying the paperbacks on the floor of the theatre.  The numbers of buyers remains down so that even in the early evening it was easy to move about and rummage for books.  This was despite there being no rugby match on in the city for it to compete with.  There were rally cars leaving from the Octagon outside.

I spent eleven dollars in the end.  Most of the books I collected came from two areas of the one dollar books: the language section where I picked up a couple of interesting things, including a second copy of a French Phrase Book I already have so it can go back into the cycle of booksales; and the religious section that contained several worthy Presbyterian titles that I can add to my personal library.  There was nothing downstairs in the newer books that was a must buy for my collection.  I also picked up a travel book on Roman Britain and coffee table book on Wales if I want to do more on the history of Brithenig.

I spotted a couple of familiar faces in the crowd and was spotted by them.