The pastoral committee met this week.  I can see that we are going to press ahead under our new ministry at Opoho.  That’s going to be fun.  We have already made a date for our next meeting.  Now to get on with writing up my notes.

I went to a church event at Leith Valley Church on Thursday.  I had hoped it would prove to be a connexional event for the Dunedin cluster of Presbyterian Churches.  Afraid not.  Instead it was an address by an event by visiting American minister Bob Ekblad on Proclaiming Good News to the Poor.  The thrust of his address was that to have an effective ministry among North American and Central American poor he had accepted charismatic annointing.  The meeting ended in a prayer session.  While I accepted the logic of what he was doing to be effective among the people he felt called to, I did not feel the Call or the urge of God in my heart to go forward for prayer.  I left soon after.  It was a fifty minute walk home in the dark and I made sandwiches for my next day’s lunch when I got home.

I’ll wait and see if any of his books turn up at the Hewitson Library.

After that it is the beginning of a long weekend and I wait to see what will turn up.