The Centre for Theology and Public Issues put on a forum with four politicians: Robin Gunston, the president of the United Future Party; Metiria Turei, Green Party List MP for Dunedinl; David Clark, Labour MP for the North Dunedin electrate; and Michael Woodhouse, the National Party List MP for Dunedin.  Despite having his office closest to the Studio David was the last to arrive and recording was delayed until he was there.  He owes us all a drink!

I’m a regular at the Centre’s events and got to ask the first question: To what extent should government policy be driven by popular opinion?

Michael Woodhouse proved to be the best at answering directly to his questioners — we sat together in the front row.  He also likes the word ‘plethora’.  It’s not the worst word he could of used twice in two consecutive sentences.

It is always interesting watching panellists: on where they agree, and what is their reactions to others’ questions and responses.

Two boys from the Centre (someone was baby-sitting) got to ask the question, Will you miss TVNZ7?  The end of public service television in New Zealand means that society will further atomise as we lose a channel for shared experience.

One of the other questionners turned out to be a former camper at the Keswick Convention held at Pounawea where I was part of the Scripture Union Holiday Programme for several years when I was younger.  He is now the university pastor for the Grace Bible Church.  I will have to look out to see him again at future events.