I had read that there was going to be another protest against the privatisation of state assets in the Octagon.  I had a time, which was reported in the Otago Daily Times, but no details.

Before going I visited my flat at Manono House, and took my books to exchange at the library.  It was a successful visit: Mothstorm by Philip Reeve, a new David Brin, and Edgelands, a poetic meditation on the liminal spaces between urban and rural landscapes that proving to be rather cool.  I had four books in total so my bag was weighed down.

It was also raining, a rather heavy drizzle, quite dreich.

I got to the Octagon early.  There were no protestors there.  I did seem some interesting people in the lower Octagon.  The Otago University Malaysian Society were having a day out.  I gave them a penny to go to the Malaysian World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and one of the displays gave me a free notepad, which I have in my pocket, and a set of postcards.  I can’t complain about free stuff!  The second postcard displayed Malaysian food.  I understand from my friend John Roxborogh that food is important in Malaysia.  I appreciate that.

There were briefly some protestors in the gazebo in the upper Octagon.  I did not see them go.

I didn’t stay in the Octagon long.  I walked through the dental school cul-de-sac, a usual rallying place for protests.  No activity there.  I decided to walk back to my house-sitting in North-East Valley.  I see from the newspaper today that the protest did go ahead.  About one hundred people gathered in the Octagon to break plates as a symbolic Greek protest.  The paper also reported about the same number of people involved in the Malaysian celebration.

Talking about it at work we felt the whole protest had been poorly advertised or coordinated.  I still don’t know when the protest took place.  I read that it happened in the Octagon.  I was not there for it.