This was on the television where I’m house-sitting. I had been meaning to review this series as I watched it.

My first reaction to the survivor of the undead attack was that he escaped.  My second reaction was No, they let him go.

“The White Walkers have been gone for thousands of years” but the Ice has not, and Winter is coming.  I know that the premise behind this series is that the Big Bad is coming back and the people who should be expecting are gearing up for their own civil war.

The runt is saved.  That’s cool.  My first dog was the runt of a corgi litter.  Always back the underdog.

“Close the door!” There’s a draft?  Well put some clothes on.  From this episode this series looks to have a high meat and no vegetables ratio.  I’m not talking about the mediaeval diet.  I’m talking about the number of naked bodies into co-ed wrestling with no cutlery.

Who but Eddard Stark can protect the King.  Of course Stark is played by Sean Bean, an actor whose made a career about playing roles that don’t make it to the final credits.  The exception being Sharpe.  This being a high fantasy the politics is about ideology.  It’s I’m the King and I’m right, and rights in this case mean Droit de Seigneurie.

It turns out settling differences at a Dothraki wedding is considered respectable.